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3 Axle Trucks Carriers

Main features:

BPW or SAF brand axles with drum brakes, the last axle is self steering.
Hot dip galvanizing process.
3 meters extendable frame with 500 mm intermediate steps.
Hydraulic mobile platform with a lifting capacity of up to 15 tons in the middle area.
Double extension hydraulic rear ramps.
Hydraulic ramps in the neck to diversify load configurations.
8 ton on gooseneck and 5 ton hydraulic winch at rear.
Lowering in the moving plane and between the axes.
Radio control and mechanical control for safe use of mobile floor, ramps, cranes, suspensions
Full electric hydraulic pump system working with NATO electric cable from the tractor
Custom Fifth wheel height depending on your truck
1st lifting axle with automatic system depending on load.
Power steering on the 3rd axis.
Rollbar in front with tool drawers and removable flashing bar.
Signaling kit for tables, lights and beacons and lateral overloads.


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